Turn CS theory into practice

Applied Computer Science with Android is a Google initiative to help university students understand and apply computer science concepts using the Android platform

Program Overview

Google’s Applied CS with Android program is designed for university Computer Science students and enhances various concepts from their current curricular work. The program revisits concepts from Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence. We use Android as a platform for development because it’s modern, has an easy to use graphical interface -- and, it’s just fun!

Our course is:

  • completely free and accessible online
  • created for university students from pre-final and final years (juniors and seniors)
  • delivered by trained facilitators or Google affiliated community members
  • customizable to fit different academic schedules and needs
  • an exciting opportunity to start developing games in Android using data structure and algorithms knowledge

Currently this program is invitation-only for selected students and universities. Anyone is welcome to study or use our materials independently. If you would like to bring Applied CS to your campus or be considered as a future facilitator, get in touch with us.

Our Goals

  • solidify and apply concepts from algorithms and data structures CS coursework
  • encourage collaboration and teamwork in project development
  • engage and empower technical students globally, primarily from underrepresented backgrounds in the tech industry
  • empower students to start developing games in Android and developing generally for mobile

Program Description

Course Format

The program employs a flipped classroom educational model. Students prepare independently by reading and setting up software such that they're ready for the in-person workshop sessions, which consist of larger programming exercises completed in pairs with the support of facilitators. Activities will also contain optional extensions; if time permits each pair will complete at least one, further customizing their work.

Course Delivery

Applied CS consists of six core technical units which can be delivered in a variety of formats. We’re flexible and the course can be tailored to suit students based on their interests (using the available extensions) and unique academic schedules. We can provide guidance on typical schedules and facilitators are encouraged to ask questions and engage with the facilitator community to spread their knowledge and experience!