Want to get involved?

Running a successful Applied CS with Android course at a university requires involvement from students, facilitators and faculty.

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Currently this program is invitation-only for selected students and universities. Anyone is welcome to study or use the materials independently.

This course is aimed at pre-final / final (junior / senior) students who:

  • have completed courses in Data Structures and Algorithms
  • must commit to attending all units of the course
  • have a laptop, and ideally an Android mobile device running Gingerbread (2.3) or higher

Does this sound like you? If so, see if there is a course running near you!

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Facilitators are junior, senior, graduate or doctoral university students who act as the primary lead for the Applied CS with Android program at their university. They partner with Googlers, faculty and students on planning and hosting the program workshops and code sprint. It’s a unique opportunity for students who are passionate about CS enrichment and outreach to bring one of Google’s newest CS education programs to their campus.

Facilitators are responsible for:

  • reviewing and familiarizing themselves with the program materials
  • partnering with their university on finding space and marketing to student participants
  • facilitating at least one program per semester
  • nominating and referring at least two other students as future facilitators
  • sharing feedback, reports, ideas and best practices with Google and other facilitators
Facilitator requirements include:
  • passion and excitement for CS education, diversity and outreach
  • experience mentoring, TA-ing or teaching programming or university CS coursework
  • successfully completed and passed a university-level course in Data Structures (specifically: strong understanding of hash tables, heaps, sets, lists, queues) and Algorithms (specifically search and sorting)
  • ability to dedicate ~45 hours to program set-up and execution on campus
  • Java competency (including a sound understanding of the language, inheritance and generics) and experience developing with Android Studio is preferred.
If you would like to apply, please seek out a faculty 'mentor' who will nominate you based on your leadership and technical competency and then get in touch with us at applied-cs-course@google.com.

Applied CS also has open application periods for outstanding potential student facilitators who have been nominated by select university partners in the US and India. Selected facilitators will get the chance to attend training bootcamps at Google offices as a component to their understanding the program. Check this site for future updates on eligibility criteria and timelines for each region.

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We engage with faculty to identify and empower potential students and facilitators and support the implementation of ACS on campus.

In order to run Applied CS with Android on your campus successfully, there should be:

  • space for ~40 students to code and learn comfortably
  • strong and reliable wireless access to the Internet
  • a projector or interactive whiteboard
  • onsite security and/or faculty presence for weekend access
  • enough power outlets/strips for students to use during the workshops

If you are interested in bringing the course to your campus, get in touch with us!